Rosodigital Creative Solutions

Billing & Payments

Rosodigital bills our clients in 1 of 2 ways. 1. A flat rate ~ based on an estimated investment of time @ a particular hourly rate. (usually more cost effective for the client) 2. Hourly ~ on a case by case basis

Hourly rates range from $30-$80/hr
  • Rosodigital gladly accepts cash, checks & credit cards (via GoogleCheckout).
  • Checks are to be made payable to Rosodigital.
  • Clients are charged in 2 steps, 50% deposit to begin a project & 50% upon satisfactory completion of that project.
  • Additional fees may be assessed for services added after the original quote or for what is deemed as an excessive use of time.
  • Rosodigital offers a period of free maintenance with some Web Design packages. After that period expires changes & updates websites are billed hourly on a case by case basis.


A 50% deposit of the quoted production value is required to render services of any kind unless previously agreed. This payment serves as the final handshake in the agreement between Rosodigital Creative Solutions & client. To protect time investment and intellectual property of all parties involved, no production agreement is final until deposits are received or negotiated otherwise.

Free Maintenance

The following are covered under our free or included maintenance package (Not to exceed 1 hour)
  • Text updates & changes
  • Adding images or other content associated textual changes.
  • Adding or removing non-graphical links
  • Changes to some graphical elements {Depending on how elements are integrated}
  • Emergency changes due to incorrect information or legal matters regarding copyrights or misinformation
  • Adding small & quickly manageable elements - this includes: Pages, links, images, graphical items, etc.

The following are NOT covered under our free or included maintenance package
  • Dramatic changes to the websites' layout
  • Excessively time consuming updates & changes
  • Adding or changing major graphical elements
These maintenance rules are subject to change. Special provisions can be made on a case by case basis.

Copyright & Misinformation

Rosodigital is not responsible for content of any websites other than its own. It is up to the client to submit content, which is dropped into a framework of code written by a member of the Rosodigital design team. Steps may be taken to remove or change information on the clients behalf to avoid litigation. If legal issues arise the client should be aware that content submitted becomes their own intellectual property & the client is responsible for any misinformation & infringement. Rosodigital does educate each client on the use & consequence of intellectual property that is not their own. Rosodigital does not condone or encourage its clients to gather &/or use content, without first taking the appropriate steps to obtain it legally.

Turn Time

The client is given a general time frame that their project will be complete. The client is responsible for supplying all content to complete the project in the completed time frame.

Small Websites: 1-3 business days
Medium Websites: 5-7 business days
Large Websites:
10-14+ business days

Please allow additional time for major projects which fall under the following criteria

ASP | PHP | AJAX based sites

- E-Commerce
- Blog/forum configuration
Flash elements & layouts
Extra-Large Websites containing 20+ pages